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For many years Pacific Groves have been providing the finest fruiting and flowering plants to many of your local garden centers. Our end goal has always been the same; to provide the BEST trees or shrubs for your garden.

  • The finest quality plants, ideally suited to your specific local area
  • A bountiful quantity of delicious fruit
  • A fine show of flower
  • Cool, inviting summer shade
  • Brilliant autumn color, or
  • perhaps a striking winter silhouette
  • All this and more!

Most of our fruiting and flowering trees are CERTIFIED VIRUS FREE and grown in the Pacific North West. The Pacific North West is the best area to grow deciduous nursery stock and a "certified" tree is the best of the best.

Finally, our website will "keep it simple." Although we hope we may aid the most advanced gardeners, we also aim to be understood by the greenest novice. And really, gardening is a simple art, with patience and experience; easily understood... we should keep it that simple.


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