About Pacific Groves + Buyer Reviews

The Nieto and Smith families have been working together for nearly 30 years running Pacific Groves. Our family operated business has locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest. 

Our trees are proudly field-grown in Portland, OR soil. This is important because the Northwest is widely acknowledged as the best area to grow deciduous plants. 

You can count on most of our trees to be Certified Virus Free and all of our trees to be non-GMO. We use no pesticdes that are harmful to bees. 

We work individually with each store where our product is sold to offer you plants that will thrive in your specific area. And we're always here to answer your questions at info@pacificgroves.com. 

We'd love to see pictures of your thriving trees and the recipies you cook with your fruit harvests. Find us on social media at the top and bottom right corners of this page. 

Enjoy your delicious yard to table fruit. Happy gardening from our families to yours. ~ Nieto's & Smith's 
"I love your selection." -M. Jurjuta

"Your trees are amazing. I think the word needs to get out on how easy it is to grow fruit...even on your patio! Excellent fruit and easy to cover to protect from birds!" -B. Bowman

"I have bought over 70 trees from you guys last year and this year." -D. Clips

"My son was super excited about getting a plum tree. We are excited to have some new fruit trees in our new backyard!"  
-D. Gasteiger

"Thank you for the great trees - I really love my backyard orchard!" - T. Post

"Our new neighbor inherited a plum tree; the fruit is absolutely delicious and I would love to plant one in our garden." - E.K.

"We purchased several of your wonderful ultra dwarf fruit trees from Orchard Supply in Tigard, OR. Most of them we gifted to our parents - what a wonderful way for seniors to have an orchard!!" -D. Houser
Pacific Groves Co-Owners
Pacific Groves Co-Owners