Plant Descriptions: Fruit Trees - Apples
Pacific Groves Apple Trees
   Most apple varieties are self-sterile and require a pollinizer. All apple varieties listed except Red Gravenstein, Jonagold, Red Rome, Red Winesap, Northern Spy, and Granny Smith can be utilized as pollinizers.
Akane - A cross Of Jonathan and Worchester Pearmain with fruit that is medium, round oblate. Skin is bright solid red, similar to Jonathan, thick and smooth. Flesh is white, firm, crisp and juicy, slightly coarse. Flavor is sub-acid, resembles Jonathan, quality excellent. Recommended as a dessert apple and for processing. Fruit holds well on tree. Well suited for warmer climates. It is a good pollinizer for Delicious and has good commercial possibilities. Excellent variety for Northern California.
Ripens early to mid-September.
(Midseason/needs pollinizer).
   Anna - Large, yellow apple with red blush and sweet, mild flavor. Excellent low-chilling variety (150 hours) from Israel. Heavy producer and stores well. Ripens mid-June to early July. Does best with Dorsett Golden. (Early/self fertile).Ultra Dwarf Patio Tree (image). 

Beverly Hills - Yields heavy crops of attractive, medium-sized fruit, striped red and yellow. Fruit is juicy and somewhat tart. Low-chilling variety (250 hours) that bears especially well in Southern California coastal areas. Ripens mid-August. (Early/self fertile).
Ultra Dwarf Patio Tree
Braeburn - Excellent flavor, mildly sweet and aromatic with firm, crisp and juicy texture. Very late maturing with excellent storage life.

(Late/self fertile) (image).
Cortland - Fruit is large, roundish-oblate, skin is an attractive red, darkly and obscurely striped. Flesh is white, fine grained, crisp, tender, juicy and sub-acid. Similar to McIntosh but larger and more uniform in size. Tree is very hardy, an early and annual bearer and heavy cropper. Stands handling well. Stores well. Ripens late September-October. (Late/needs pollinizer).

​​   Dorsett Golden - Resembles Golden Delicious with yellow skin and red cheek. Flesh is firm, smooth and crisp with a sweet-tart flavor. Large, vigorous tree. A low-chilling (100 hours) apple that does very well in warm winter climates. Pollinates well with Anna. Ripens June-early July. (Early/self fertile).
Ultra Dwarf Patio Tree (image).
Ein Shemer - Medium-size, greenish-yellow apple introduced from Israel. Fruit resembles Yellow Delicious. May have red blush when fully ripe. Flesh is crisp, white and sub-acid. Low chilling requirements make it adaptable to warm winter climates. Bears heavy and early, ripening mid-June to early July. Appears to be self-fruitful but performs better with a pollinizer. (Early/self fertile).Ultra Dwarf Patio Tree  
   Empire - This McIntosh-Delicious cross has fruit that is medium and round. Flesh is cream colored, crisp and juicy, sub-acid, aromatic and excellent quality. Good storage quality. Best for fresh market use, not suited for processing. Tree is vigorous, upright and spreading. Annual bearer that is more productive than Delicious. Ripens a few weeks after McIntosh. Bears best with Mutsui, Gravenstein,
Jonagold and Winesap.
(Midseason/self fertile).​ 
Fuji - Truely the home gardeners' favorite and deservedly so! This outstanding Delicious cross originated in Japan. Resembles Delicious in color. Flesh is very firm, crunchy, juicy and slightly acidic. Excellent flavor and outstanding shelf life. Trees are vigorous, hardy and productive. Bears heavy crops. Keeps very well. Ripens September to October. (Late/self fertile).Ultra Dwarf Patio Tree ​(image).
Fuji, Red - Same as above, however produces more red skin coloring. .
   Gala - A dessert-quality apple with firm, fine-textured, yellow-white flesh that keeps well. Originated in New Zealand, Gala is a cross between Golden Delicious and Cox Orange. Characterized by bright scarlet stripes over a yellow background. Aromatic with a semi-sweet flavor. Fruit keeps very well. Ripens September to October. (Midseason/needs pollinizer
Golden Delicious (also called Yellow Delicious) - An excellent multi-purpose apple that is unsurpassed by any other golden apple. One of the leading commercial varieties that does an outstanding job for the home gardeners too. Large golden fruit that is juicy and of exceptionally fine flavor, aromatic and crisp. Golden Delicious is a heavy, early producer and an excellent pollinizer for most other apples. Requires thinning for size and annual production. Good for most Southern California climates.
Ripens mid-September.
(Late/self fertile) (image).
  Granny Smith - This outstanding, all-purpose green apple is from Australia. Round fruit is large, firm and bruise-resistant. Holds and keeps well. Vigorous and early bearing. It requires a long growing season. Blooms very early in California. Not recommended for plantings west of the Cascades in the Northwest. Excellent storage qualities. Ripens early to mid-October. (Late/self fertile).
 Gravenstein - Large, round fruit, striped with red. Flesh is crisp, juicy and delicious. Tree is very vigorous with an upright spreading habit. Medium, low chilling requirement. Good fresh and the most popular cooking apple. Ripens early to mid-August. (Early/needs pollinizer/pollen sterile) (image).
 Red Gravenstein - Improvement of an old favorite cooking apple. Fruit is large, skin solid dark red. Especially good for pie and applesauce, it is also very tasty eaten fresh. Another fine apple that does well west of the Cascades. Ripens somewhat irregularly and should be picked several times. Ripens early to mid-August. (Early/needs pollinizer/pollen sterile).

 Jonagold - A Golden Delicious cross Jonathan that is considered by many as the best dual-purpose apple on the market today. A large apple that ripens just after Golden Delicious. Skin is 80 percent red striping over yellow ground color. Flesh is firm, sub-acid and juicy, similar to Jonathan in flavor. Excellent dessert and processing quality. Keeps well in storage up to 6 months. Productivity comparable to McIntosh. In colder areas, can be subject to winter injury. Good "west of the Cascades" apple. Ripens mid-September. (Late/needspollinizer) ​(image).
Jonathan - A small, very red,juicy and crisp slightly tart apple. Resistant to scab. A good all purpose apple. (early to mid/needs pollinizer apple). 
King - A good-sized apple with greenish-yellow skin that is red striped. Standard fall, dual-purpose fruit with good quality for cooking and eating. Excellent for growing west of the Cascades. Stores well. Ripens September. (Late/self fertile).

   King - A good-sized apple with greenish-yellow skin that is red striped. Standard fall, dual-purpose fruit with good quality for cooking and eating. Excellent for growing west of the Cascades. Stores well. Ripens September. (Late/self fertile).
   Liberty - New disease-resistant variety from New York State. Fruit is medium to large with red-blushed skin. Flesh is crisp, juicy, sweet and slightly coarse. Matures slightly ahead of Red Delicious. Highly resistant to rust. Hardiness similar to McIntosh. Ripens late August,
early September.
(Mid-season/needs pollinizer).
Macoun - Fruit is similar to McIntosh, but smaller, more ribbed and develops a black-red color at maturity. Flesh is white, richly flavored and aromatic. Good dessert-type apple. Excellent quality with good storage life. Ripens about one month after McIntosh. Macoun is a heavy, but biennial bearer that benefits from thinning to maintain fruit size and annual bearing. (Late/needs pollinizer).​
McIntosh - The fruit is uniform, medium to large with an attractive bright red color on this extremely hardy and vigorous tree. Flesh is white, sometimes veined with red; firm, fine, crisp, tender, aromatic and very juicy and sprightly sub-acid. The fruit ripens in September, good for both eating and cooking, and stores well for Christmas use. Does best in areas that have cooler fall nights. Well suited for medium to high desert areas.
(Early/needs pollinizer) (image)
   Melrose - This Jonathan-Delicious cross is medium to large. Skin is attractive, resembles Jonathan in color and shape. Flesh is white and mildly sub-acid, not as tart as Jonathan. Stores well, maintaining excellent flavor into May. Tree is very productive and bears at an early age. This tree does well west of the Cascades. Ripens September. (Late/needs pollinizer).
Mutsu (also called Crispin) - Originated in Japan. An Indo variety and Golden Delicious cross which matures later than Golden Delicious. Fruit is very large; skin is smooth, golden yellow, blushed with orange on exposed cheek. The flesh is yellowish-white, crisp and rather coarse compared with Golden Delicious. Mildly sub-acid. Very good quality for dessert and cooking. Considered as replacement to Golden Delicious because of strong resistance of leaves and fruit to spray injury, vigorous growth of tree, late storing quality and larger fruit. Ripens mid to late September. (Late/needs pollinizer) ​(image).
Newtown Pippin - The classic American apple. Fruit is green and yellow skinned with reddish-blush. The flesh is firm, juicy and of good quality. Low chilling requirements. Excellent dessert and processing apple. Very good for cider.
Ripens mid-October.
(Late/self fertile) (image).
Northern Spy - Fruit is large, oblong, flattened at the base, symmetrical and ribbed. Skin is thin, tender, smooth and glossy; colored pale yellow ground color that is nearly concealed with bright red, splashed with carmine. Flesh is yellow, firm, fine-grained, tender, crisp, juicy, sub-acid and aromatic. Ripens mid-September. (Late/needs pollinizer)
Pettingill - Large, red-blushed green to red. Firm, white, tasty, moderately acid flesh. Large, upright productive tree with very low chilling requirement. Bears early. Ripens late August, early September. (Midseason/needs pollinizer). 
Red Delicious - Tree is large and upright. Fruit is medium size, skin color is red with stripes. Apple is juicy, sweet tasting and aromatic. The most popular of all fruit. (Midseason/needs pollinizer).Ultra Dwarf Patio Tree.​

   Red Delicious, Bisbee - The world's most widely planted Spur Red Delicious strain because of its high quality of fruit, bud and wood hardiness, and high productivity. This young, heavy-bearing strain comes on with a solid red blush that brightens as the fruit reaches maturity. Ripens mid-August to early September. (Mid-season/needs pollinizer) ​(image).​
Red Delicious, Bright-N-Early - (Patent No. 4372) A new spur-type apple strain of Red Delicious. Fruit is white fleshed and exceptionally juicy. Starts with a stripe and is brightly colored 124 days after bloom, frequently a week earlier than most other Spur Red Delicious. This will be the premier Red Spur-type Delicious of the future. Best spur Red Delicious choice for California. Ripens August. (Early-midseason/needs pollinizer).​
Red Delicious, Imperial - An outstanding, non-spur double Red Delicious that has average vigor and a tendency to spur. Particularly good in areas where spur types have problems performing well. Fruit colors to a bright solid blush and has a strong color factor. Large, crisp and juicy with bright red waxy skin. Yellow Delicious and Spur Winter Banana are good pollinizers. Ripens September. (Mid-late season/needs pollinizer). ​
Rome Beauty, Law Strain - An old favorite that holds its shape well in baking and is good eaten fresh. Large size and very good red color. This is one of the very best strains available today. Does well in frost areas. Ripens mid to late September. (Late/needs pollinizer). 
Spartan - A McIntosh-Newtown cross. Fruit is medium; skin is highly colored solid dark red. Flesh is firm, crisp, white juicy with very good quality and texture. Strong, heavy producer. Keeps well until February. More resistant to pre-harvest drop than McIntosh. Ripens about 2 to 3 weeks later than McIntosh.
Winesap - Fruit is medium in size; skin color is yellow with red stripes. Apple is crisp and juicy with a coarse texture. Good for canning .
Keeps well. (Late season/needs pollinizer) (image).
Winesap, Red - Same as above but more red in appearance. 
Winter Banana - Large, attractive, pale yellow blushed pink with waxy finish. Flesh is tender and tangy with distinctive aroma. Excellent mild-winter variety. Good pollinizer for other varieties. Ripens October. (Late/needs pollinizer). 

Yellow Delicious - See Golden 
Yellow Transparent - Medium to large, greenish-yellow apple lightly blushed on one side. Tart flavor, good for cooking. Widely planted early commercial variety. Ripens mid-June to mid-July.

(Early/needs pollinizer).
Antique Apples
Antique Apples
  Baldwin Woodpecker - Yellow skin, striped red. Yellow flesh, juicy, hard and crisp.
(Late/needs pollinizer.)
Cox’s Orange Pippin - Outstanding flavor, juicy and firm. Aromatic. Good for dessert or processing.
(Late/self fertile). 
Golden Russet - Round, golden russet with a bronze cheek; flesh crisp and tender. Sugary, juicy. Good eaten fresh or for desserts. Excellent keeper.

(Mid to late/needs pollinizer) ​(image)
Grimes Golden - Rich golden-yellow. Flesh tender, crisp, juicy and aromatic. Good for eating and freezing.
Pink Pearl - Small apple with a pink blush over yellow skin. Flesh is a light pink color. Tender, smooth, juicy tart flavor. Very attractive applesauce.
(Mid/ self fertile). 

Pound Sweet - Fruit is large in size. Skin is light to dark green with whitish cast. Peculiar, sweet flavor. Good for baking and canning. Late harvest season.
   Red Spy - Tree is upright and hardy. Skin color has bright red stripes. Apple is tender and juicy. Good in cooking. Old apple variety. (Late/partially self fertile). 
Roxbury Russet - Fruit is mid size with roundish shape. Skin is very russeted. Good cooking apple.
(Late/needs pollinizer).
Snow Fameuse - Bright red skin, pure white flesh, sometimes streaked red. Crisp, aromatic, juicy. One of the oldest varieties. Excellent for fresh eating or desserts, not for cooking. Grows best at high elevations. (Mid to late season/self fertile). 
Spitzenburg - A large apple, bright red skin, dotted yellow. Firm, crisp, tender. Very good, slightly acid flavor. (Late/self fertile) (image). 
Summer Rambo - Summer apple. Skin is greenish with a red blush. Good cooking apple. (Early/self fertile). 
Wold River - Tree is a strong, hardy and spreading grower. Skin color is red. Apple is very large.
(Early/self fertile).