Plant Descriptions: Cherry Rootstock

Pacific Groves Cherry Tree Rootstocks
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Most fruiting stock we offer is "Certified virus free". This stock is produced from virus indexed scion trees, virus certified root stocks and is apparently free from known virus diseases within accepted standards established by the Oregon State Department of Agriculture.
What this means to the home or commercial fruit grower is a much healthier tree. This tree will produce larger yields of superior quality fruit. This tree will grow faster, live longer and will minimize many fruit tree diseases. 
Cherry Rootstock
   Mazzard Seedling - Mazzard is a wild cherry rootstock best suited for sweet cherry and tart cherry planted in heavier soil types. It makes a bigger tree than Prunus Mahaleb. More tolerant of wet soils and more compatible with various sweet cherry varieties. Especially well anchored. Quite hardy but not as hardy as Mahaleb. Resists root knot nematode and oak root fungus.

Mahaleb Seedling - Standard rootstock of Montmorency cherries. Hardier than Mazzard, makes a smaller tree. More tolerant of drought and sandy soils but less tolerant of wet conditions. Hardy, well anchored and widely adaptable. Resists crown gall, bacterial canker, and some nematodes.

Gm 61 - Dwarfing rootstock for sweet cherries. Produces a tree approximately ½ standard size. Produces early and heavy cropping. Looks to be the best true dwarf cherry rootstock.