Edible Crabapples 

   Crabapple varieties that are grown for their fruit also make excellent ornamental trees because of their beautiful blooms. The fruit is smaller than regular Apples, about ½ the size, which makes them easier and more convenient to eat fresh – especially for kids.

You might remember these were called Lunchbox Apples.

Most Crabapple Fruit can be eaten fresh but in our opinion the Whitney and Transcendent varieties are far superior because they offer a sophisticated balance of sweet and tart.
Other crabapples varieties are much more tart, which make them perfect for juicing, dressings or cider. 

Fun fact: Crabapples are the chosen fruit for making Apple Cider, the fastest growing Alcohol Beverage in the world.
Pacific Groves Crabapples Growing in the Field
Pacific Groves Crabapples 
Growing in the Field
Whitney Crabapple with Fruit
Whitney Crabapple with Blossoms
Whitney Variety with Fruit
Whitney Variety with Blossoms
Transcendent Crabapple Fruit
Transcendent Crabapple with Blossoms
Fruit from Transcendent Variety
Transcendent Variety with Blossoms