Plant Descriptions: Flowering Shrubs
Berberis Thunbergii
  Chaenomeles Japonica
Cornus Stolonifera
 Very hardy with slender arching branches. Sun or light shade. Yellow spring flowers. Yellow/orange/red fall color. Bright red berries
Japanese Green Leaf Barberry - dense, hardy. Spring: pale yellow flowers. Fall: orange-scarlet foliage, bright red berries.
Red Leaf Japanese Barberry 
(B.t. "Atropurpurea") - dense, hardy. Spring: yellow flowers. Summer: bronzy-red to purplish-red foliage. Fall: burgundy foliage and
bright red berries (image)​.
   Earliest blooming shrubs with shiny green leaves. Picturesque, asymmetric growth. Easily grown; tolerant of heat, cold, any soil. Excellent for cut arrangements. Attracts birds.
Red Quince - scarlet-red flowers.
Non-fruiting. 4'-7' tall.
Pink Quince - rose-pink flowers.
Non-fruiting. 4'-7' tall (image)​.
Compact Red Quince 
("Texas Scarlet") - Tomato-red flowers. Low-3' tall.
Compact Pink Quince ("Cameo") - double soft apricot-pink flowers. Low, compact-2' tall.
   Thrives in all areas, rapid growing. Two inch wide flower clusters throughout summer into fall. Tolerates shade.
Red Twig Dogwood (C.s. baileyi) - Blue Fruit. Fall: bright red foliage. Winter: exceptionally bright red branches. Up to 8" tall (image)​. 
Variegated Red Twig Dogwood - Similar to Red Twig except variegated foliage.
Yellow Twig Dogwood 
(C.s. "Flaviramea") - Fall: red foliage. Winter: yellow branches.
Kelsey Dwarf Dogwood 
(C.s. "Kelseyii") - Bright red stems. Dwarf seldom over 1½' high.
   Cotinus Coagygria
   Eleangus Angustifolia
  Forsythia Intermedia
   Unusual small shrub tree. Tiny greenish flower blossoms fade, stalks of sterile flowers elongate and get covered in purple hairs.
Fall: red-orange rounded
1½"-3" leaves.
Common Green Smoke Tree -
Sun. Foliage bluish-green.
Royal Purple Smoke Bush 
(C.s. Purpureus) - Sun. Purple foliage with richer purple
flower puffs ​(image)​.
   Russian Olive - Small tree or shrub up to 20' tall. Angular trunk and branches, covered with shredded brown bark. Fall: willow-like, 2" long silver gray foliage. Early summer: small, fragrant yellow flower, followed by berry-like fruit, which resemble miniature olives. Picturesque in winter ​(image)​.
   Blooms February through May. Can be forced indoors. Lush green foliage. Thrives in most soils and climates. Remove old and weak wood yearly.
Beatrix Farrand Forsythia - upright to 10' tall and 7' wide. Branches thickly set with 2'-2½' wide, deep yellow flowers marked orange.
Karl Sax Forsythia - resembles Beatrix Farrand but is lower growing, neater and more graceful.
Lynwood Gold - Early April: deep golden yellow blooms. 7' tall and 4'-5' wide.
Spring Glory Forsythia - large, soft yellow flowers completely cover branches ​(image)​.
Arnolds Dwarf Forsythia - Early spring: sparse yellow flowers. An excellent fast growing ground cover for very hard climates.
Hibiscus Syriacus
   Hydrangea Paniculata "Grandiflora"​​
   (Rose of Sharon, Althea) Summer flowering 10'-12' shrub. Grows easily in sun to partial shade. Drought tolerant. Resistant to oak
root fungus.
Double Pink Althea ("Pulcherimus") - June until frost: large, double pink
rosette-like blooms.
Double Red Althea ("Amplissimus") - large double red blooms ​(image)​.
Double Violet Althea ("Ardens") - large double purple blooms.
White Althea ("Jeanne de Arc") - single white bloom.
   Late spring: white fragrant flowers. Vigorous fountain-like plants form with medium green foliage. Versatile hedge, screen or background shrub.
Sweet Mock Orange (P. coronarius) - strong growing, 8'-10' tall. June: fragrant white single flower.
Minnesota Snowflake 
(P. x virginalis) - very sweet scented double white flowers.
Vase shape to 8' tall,
5'-6' wide (image)​.
Virginal Mock Orange 
(P. x virginalis) - pure white, very fragrant semi-double flowers. Broad, well branched to 6'-8' tall,
5'-6' wide.  
Peegee Hydrangea - upright 10'-15' shrub. Fal: leaves 5' long turn bronzy in fall. Flowers in upright 10'-15' long clusters are white, slowly fading to pinky-bronze. Excellent
flowering shrub ​(image)​.
Cistena, Dwarf Red Leaf Plum - dainty multi-branched shrub, 6'-10' tall. Purple foliage, light pink flowers in spring, blackish purple fruit in July.
Chokecherry (P. virginiana) - oval shaped shrub up to 20' tall. Extremely hardy. Summer: large red fruit. Fall: maroon-red fall.
Dwarf Flowering Almond (P. glandulosa Sinensis) - very ornamental. Much branched vase shaped to 6' tall, 5' wide. Early April-May: sasses of double
pink flowers (image)​.

   French Pussy Willow (S. caprea) - A large attractive shrub, primarily grown for its outstanding effect in floral arrangements. Early spring: large pink catkins appear prior to the foliage. These same catkins are easily forced indoors for winter arrangements (image)​.
Anthony Waterer Spirea (S. x bumalda) - upright rounded shrub up to 3' tall. June-July: attractive carmine pink flower clusters. Fall: maroon tinged foliage, reddish-purple (image)​.
Froebelii Spirea (S. x bumalda) - May-June: flat clusters of rosy-red flowers.

Fall: purple tinged foliage. Shrub 3'-4' tall.
Gold Flame Spirea (S. x bumalda) - low mounded shrub up to 2'-3' tall spreading 3'-4'. Spring:  bright gold foliage. Fall: foliage radiant copper-orange. Summer: rosy-red flower clusters all season. An excellent dwarf shrub choice.
Snowmound Spirea (S. nipponica) - compact spreading growth up to 2'-3' tall. Late spring: dense dark green foliage and masses of pure white flowers.
Bridal Wreath Spirea (S. prunifolia "Plena") - graceful arching branches on a 6' x 6' shrub. Fall: dark green foliage turns rich red. Spring: small double white flowers like
roses line branches.
Common Purple Lilac (S. vulgaris) - grows up to 15' tall. Bluish-lavender flowers appear in May. Strong lovely fragrance. Very hardy bush, hedge or screen. Excellent cut flowers (image)​.
Common White Lilac (S. vulgaris "Alba") -
same as above except has pure white flowers.
Descanso Hybrid Lilacs (S. vulgaris)
Developed in southern California for mild winter (low chill) areas. An outstanding addition to any landscape where lilacs are difficult to grow due to excess heat, alkaline soil or insufficient winter cold temperatures. Best known varieties are:
 Lavender Lady - Lavender
Blue Sky's - Blue
Chiffon - Lavender
Sylvan Beauty - Rose
Angel White - White 

French Hybrid Lilacs (S. vulgaris)
Descanso Hybrid that flowers later. Larger clusters of single or double flowers in a
wide range of colors. Varieties include:
Alice Christensen - Double reddish-pink
Betty Field - Single Lilac
Charles Joly - Double Red
Ellen Wilmot - Double White
Klagers - Double Purple
Katherine Havemeyer - Double Pink
Leon Gambetta - Double Pink
Ludwig Spaeth - Single Purple
Michael Buchner - Double Lilac
Mme. Lemoine - Double White
Mrs. Edward Harding - Double Red
Mt. Blanc - Single White
My Favorite - Double Dark Purple
Paul Thiron - Double Red
Peacock - Large Single Pink
Pres. Grevy - Double Blue
Pres. Poincairne - Double Red
Pink Elizabeth - Single Pink
Sensation - Single Wine Red with White Edges*
True Pink - Double Pink

*Excellent in Southern California and other low chill areas.

Miss Kim Korean Lilac 
(S. patula)
Persian Lilac 
(S. persica)
(S. hyacinthiflora)
 Compact rounded shrub up to 3'-4' tall. Fragrant pale lilac flowers bloom later than common lilac. Burgundy-red fall foliage (image).

 Graceful form up to 6' tall. Many clusters of fragrant pale violet flowers in May ​(image)​.
Excellent for all low chill areas. An outstanding species of early blooming lilacs. Delicate in appearance. This hardy lilac offers excellent garden opportunities. Generally smaller in size than S. vulgaris. Up to 15', usually much smaller. Varieties include:
Aessippi - Single Lavender to Lilac
Annabel - Double Pink
Excel - Single White
Pocahontas - Single Purple

   Common Snowball 
(V. opulus "Sterile") - very popular 10' rounded shrub. Mid-late spring: blooms profusely with large double white flowers. Excellent, showy variety.
Japanese Snowball 
(V. plicatum plicatum) - dark green foliage on a 15' shrub. Fall: leaves turn purplish-red. Snowball clusters of white sterile flowers 3' across, borne in opposite rows along horizontal branches (image)​.
Pink Princess (w. Florida"Rosea") - up to 10' tall. Outstanding bloom of 1" long pink and rose-red flowers. Full sun to part shade.
Variegated Weigela (W. Florida) - bright green foliage variegated with cream. Showy and popular.
Newport Red (W." Vanicekii") - up to 6' tall. Spring-Summer: brilliant red flowers 1' to 1-½' across. Full sun to part shade (image)​.
Twining woody vines of great size, long life and exceptional beauty in flower. Wisteria needs good drainage and ample water during bloom.
May be grown as a patio tree.
Blue Chinese Wisteria (W. sinensis) - rapid growing vine producing clumps of showy violet-blue flowers. Plants bloom before leaves expand in April and May. Slightly fragrant, will take considerable shade (image)​.
Royal Purple Wisteria (W. floribunda) - a Japanese variety with fragrant, very long clusters of violet flowers. Long blooming period.
Pink Japanese Wisteria (W. floribunda "Rosea") - same as above variety only flower in lavender-pink.
White Silky Wisteria (W. venusta "Alba") - broad leaves and leaflets have silky hairs. Individual flowers are white, very large blooming in heavy clusters which open all at once. Very profuse bloom when leaves open in April.
Plant in full sun for good bloom.