- Plant Descriptions: Flowering Trees  
Flowering / Weeping Crabapples
Pacific Groves Flowering Crabapples
Flowering Crabapples
Flowering deciduous trees with pink, white or red flowers and fruit which is edible or showy, sometimes both. Most grow 6' to 30'. Leaves are pointed oval, deep green to nearly purple.
​​Almey - upright, up to 15'. Young leaves purplish, mature leaves bronze. Single, scarlet blooms, white at base. Scarlet fruit.
Brandywine - resembles Klehm's Bechtel. Tree is symmetrically oval. Grows in height from 15'-20' with equal spread. Leaves are large dark green with red tint turning purple. Flower is a fragrant deep
rose bloom. Fruit is green (image)​.
Centurian - tree grows narrow and upright. Grows up to 20' with a 15' spread. The leaves are purple, fading to bronze-green in summer. The flowers start with a red bud opening to a single rose-red blossom. Fruit is small and glossy red which
holds until April.   
  Dolgo - one of the hardier crabs. Tree grows upright and has willowy branch spread. Grows in height from 30'-35' with equal spread. Leaves are glossy green and dense. The flowers are single and white. The fruit is large, red and is edible.
Very resistant to diseases.
Eleyi - a graceful tree. Leaves are veined. Flowers bloom in April and are deep red.

Floribunda - dense, horizontal branching. Grows in height from 15'-20' with a spread of 25'. Leaves are small and green. Flower is a single, red bud opening to pink and then fading to white.
Fruit is yellow-red ​(image)​.
   Harvest Gold - vigorous, upright growers. Height reaching 15'-20'. Foliage is medium green. Flowers are large single white blooms. Fruit is the key to this crab because they are rich gold remaining until late fall. It is very disease resistant (image)​.
Hopa - tree is upright, broadening some with age. Grows in height up to 20' with a spread of 25'. Leaves are dense with a dark green color. Flowers are single, pink with a white center, fragrant. Fruit is orange, good for jelly.
Indian Summer - tree has a rounded head. Foliage is dark green. Flowers are rose-red. Fruit is bright red and gives the tree a lovely fall look

Klehm's Bechtel - round head form with soft, green foliage which turns orange in fall. Grows in height from 20'-30' with a 20' spread. Flower is a fragrant, very large, double pink bloom. Blooms late in season.
Madonna (Plant Patent No. 6672) - tree is compact and upright. Grows in heights from 15'-18'. Leaves are dark green and disease resistant. Flower is large, double white blossoms that bloom early and last longer than other crabs (image)​​.

Pink Perfection - tree form has a rounded head. Grows in height up to 20' feet. Leaves are thick and dark green. Flowers start with red buds opening into a double pink blossom. Almost non-fruiting.

Pink Spire - tree has narrow upright form. Grows in height from 15'-18'. Red-purplish foliage in spring turning green-bronze in summer. Flower is a single pink bloom which is then followed by small
purplish fruit. (image)​.
Profusion - Upright, spreading growth. Grows in height from 15' to 20' with an equal spread. Leaves are purplish when young, changing to bronze-red. Blooms with a single, deep pink flower. It has small, maroon fruit. 
Radiant- Tree is medium sized with broad growth. Grows in height from 15' to 20' with an equal spread. Leaf is purple when young, turning green with age. Flower is a single, deep red bud, turning pink when in bloom. Small, bright red fruit
about mid-summer.   
  Red Barron - Tree is narrow and upright. Grows in heights to 18' tall with an 8' spread. Leaves are purple fading to bronze-green. Flower is a single deep red bloom. Fruit is dark red. This crab is also
disease resistant ​(image)
Red SIlver - Fast growing with dense branches that tend to droop gracefully. Grows in height from 20' to 30' with spread of 15'. Leaves are reddish-bronze, silvered with silky hair. Flowers are single, deep wine opening to pink. Fruit is purplish-red and good for jellies.
Robinson - Vigorous grower with upright habit early, later spreading with dense branching. Height 20' to 25'. Spring foliage is purplish-green turning deep green in summer and turns orange in fall. Flowers are deep pink. Fruit dark red hanging late into fall. Disease resistant.   
   Royalty - Dense, mound-like crown. Grows in height to 15' with equal spread. Leaf is dark purple, one of the prettiest foliage colors. Flower is a single, purple bloom. Fruit is dark red (image)​.
Sargenti - Dense with branches looking much like a shrub. Grows in height from 6' to 10' with a spread of 8' to 14'. Leaf is dark green. Flower is a profuse blooming of single white blooms. Flower is fragrant. Fruit is small and red in color.
Scheideckeri - Tree is dense and upright. Grows in height to 20' with equal spread. Foliage is dense, dark green. Flowers are semi-double, rosy-pink, flowering April to May. Fruit is small and yellow holding
into November.
Selkirk - Upright and spreading. Tree matures to 20' in height. Foliage is reddish changing to bronze-green in summer. Flowers are deep pink.   
   Snowdrift - A strong, uniform tree with broad rounded form. Grows in height to 20' with equal spread. Leaf is a glossy green. Flower is a single that has a pink bud, blooming white and fragrant.
Fruit is bright red ​(image)​.
Spring Snow (Plant Patent No. 2667) - Tree has rounded head. Grows in height from 15' to 20' with about equal spread. Foliage is bright green. Tree is covered with pure white flowers in spring. Crab is sterile so no fruit is produced making
it a very clean crab.
Sugar Tyme (Plant Patent No. 7062) - Tree grows in an upright oval form. Foliage is shiny green and it is disease resistant. Buds are pale pink and blossoms are snowy white and completely covers the tree. Masses of rich red fruit are effective from mid October, remaining colorful into January.
Zumi - Tree has a rounded form. Grows in height from 12' to 15'. Leaf is dark green. Flower is single, white and fragrant. Fruit is bright red.
Weeping Crabapples
Pacific Groves Weeping Crabapples
Candied Apple (Plant Patent No. 4038) - The tree branched horizontally to pendulous with an irregular pattern. Leaves are heavy textured dark green with an overcast of red. The flowers are pink. Fruit is bright showy red. Disease resistant.
Echtermeyer - Grows in height from 12' to 15'. Leaf is purplish, turning to bronzy-green. Flower is purplish-red, fading to a pale pink. Fruit is purplish-red.
Red Jade - Long, slender, weeping branches show off the profuse, single white blooms. Grows in height from 12' to 15'. Foliage is green. Fall fruit is cherry-red ​(image).