Plant Descriptions: Pear Tree Rootstock

Pacific Groves Pear Tree Rootstocks
Fruit Tree Rootstock
Most fruiting stock we offer is "Certified virus free". This stock is produced from virus indexed scion trees, virus certified root stocks and is apparently free from known virus diseases within accepted standards established by the Oregon State Department of Agriculture.
What this means to the home or commercial fruit grower is a much healthier tree. This tree will produce larger yields of superior quality fruit. This tree will grow faster, live longer and will minimize many fruit tree diseases.

Pear Rootstock
   Domestic Seedling Pear - The most widely planted pear rootstock, typically produces a vigorous tree with strong, well-anchored roots. Tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, moisture content and texture. Winter hardy.

Winter Nellis - This seedling is slightly more vigorous than Domestic Seedling Pear. Produces vigorous and well-anchored trees and is slightly more winter hardy.

Old Home Farmingdale #97 - A clonal selection of Domestic Seedling Pear that produces a vigorous, full-sized tree 10 percent larger than that of Seedling. Highly resistant to pear decline and fire blight.

Betulaefolia - For Asian pears. Vigorous, tolerates most soils including alkaline.

Old Home Farmingdale #333 - Developed for its ability to promote early and heavy fruit production. Yields a semi-dwarf tree, 70 percent the size of Domestic Seedling. Resistant to pear decline and fire blight. The best dwarfing root for pears.