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Persimmons / Pomegranates

Pacific Groves Persimmon and Pomegranate Trees
Persimmons / Pomegranates
Do not over water Persimmon or Pomegranates! Water deeply and infrequently, especially when first planted (from bare-root) or in Spring. Both take a very long time to break dormancy when first planted. Otherwise both are attractive, very hardy and easy to grow and fruit.
Pacific Groves Persimmon Trees
Fuyu - Most popular non-astringent variety. Flesh is sweet and mild.
Fruit is smaller than Hachiya. (image)
Giant Fuyu - Very large and non-astringent. Round with dark orange skin.
Ripens November.
Hachiya - Popular market variety. Very large with orange-red skin with sweet,
mellow flesh. Astringent until soft.
Chocolate - Brown-streaked fruit with very sweet flesh. Non-astringent. Ripens late October and early November.
Pacific Groves Pomegranate Trees
   Wonderful - Best known variety with large fruit. Very ornamental with large scarlet flowers. Grows quickly and thrives on coast and well as dessert. (image)
Eversweet - Fruiting pomegranate with very sweet fruit. Much less acid than Wonderful.