Plant Descriptions: Stone Fruit Rootstocks

Fruit Tree Rootstock
Pacific Groves Stone Fruit Tree Rootstocks
Most fruiting stock we offer is "Certified virus free". This stock is produced from virus indexed scion trees, virus certified root stocks and is apparently free from known virus diseases within accepted standards established by the Oregon State Department of Agriculture.
What this means to the home or commercial fruit grower is a much healthier tree. This tree will produce larger yields of superior quality fruit. This tree will grow faster, live longer and will minimize many fruit tree diseases.
   Stone Fruit Rootstock: Apricot, Peach, Plum, Prune
   Citation - Nectarines and peaches dwarfed to 8' to 14', apricots and plums 3/4 of standard. Cropping is early. Tolerates wet soil. Rather new rootstock.

Myrobolan Seedling - This rootstock and selections from it are widely used for European plum varieties. It is compatible with a wide range of cultivars, and particularly adaptable to heavier soils. Resistant to root-knot nematode.

Lovell Seedling - Lovell has proved to be a very dependable standard peach rootstock. It provides a long-lived tree and gives a high degree of disease resistance. This is especially true in the South and Eastern states, and on replanted peach sites.

Nemaguard Seedling - Vigorous, hardy, very nematode resistant. Outstanding for well drained soil. Will work in heavy soils.   
   Marianna Arianna - The most tolerant of wet soils yet shallow rooted. Resistant to oak root fungus and root knot nematode. Somewhat dwarfing.

Pumiselect - A hardy very dwarfing rootstock from Germany. Pumiselect is very dwarfing and early bearing awith a superior yield. Cold Tolerant.

St. Julian A- This clonal rootstock was developed many years ago by East Malling Research Station, England, as a semi-dwarf rootstock for a tree smaller than standard. It is compatible with all varieties of prunus trees by EM. It is winter hardy, being the only plum stock surviving the November 10, 1955 freeze in Oregon. Slightly dwarfing.

Siberian C - Semi-dwarfing rootstock with medium level of vigor resulting in a tree that is approximately 75 percent of seedling.