Plant Descriptions: Grapes & Berries - Wine Grapes
Cabernet Sauvignon - Red grape with excellent peppery flavor. Vines do well in a variety of soils. 

Chardonnay - Pale green to light golden grapes. Lightly aromatic. Excellent quality fruit for wines in cool climates. Hardy. 

French Colombard - Whitish to yellow-green berries in medium clusters. Do well in warmer climates.

Gewurtztraminer - Golden to pink grapes with strongly scented, spicy, white fruit. Heavy producer, vigorous ​(image)

Merlot - Red grape with soft flavor in large, loose clusters. Does well in areas with warm days and cool nights.

White Riesling - Hardy producer for white wines. Strong floral aroma. 

Zinfandel - Medium, reddish-black with juicy texture. Excellent for cool to warm climates.